U3Exchange v4.1 Release Notes

updates since v4.0:

4.1.0 - split out OpenInvoice Vendor sync files - one for new Vendors, and a separate file for EDITs/DELETEs.
- Added objects for generating Bolo AP Check exports.
- Added objects for processing and generating AP and Revenue check files for JP Morgan Chase.
- New model objects for APCheckCurrent to track changes in the AP checks coming from Bolo.
- Added PGP signing/encryption capability with GPG.
- New SMTP ServerConnector option.
- updates to the spend works processor
- modification to the way the OpenInvoice processor assigns the buyer department at the invoice header level.
- Added new TrackedDataProcessor for handling situations where sending data differences is necessary, but the tracking database is not storing all information on the objects.
- update to getAde() function to allow StaticMappings that references fields which are in the children of the specified "obj".
- update s_if to allow the plural and singular strings to be included (instead of just "s" and "")
- Added command for scripting the creation of a test version of the GL database.

4.1.1 - pick up buyer department from approver first, then submit.
- added maintenance tasks for jpmc processors.

4.1.2 - added Bolo to JPMorgan Chase Revenue Check processor
- fix formatting issue with JPMC checks and postal codes.
- Modified OpenInvoice payment processor to skip invoices that did not originate at OpenInvoice.
- Modified CCImport process to use Model instead of raw SQL - fixed date issue caused by differences between DataBridge and SQL Connect data.
- Fixed Vendor batch file processor to properly add newlines regardless of the OS it runs on.

4.1.3 -

4.1.4 -

4.1.5 - fixes to Bolo TR2350 file processor.
- Added ACH file processor.
- Fixed the way check_date and void_date are populated in a Bolo Check (always a datetime object)
- Performance improvements on the Bolo AP Payments processor
- Added logging for better visibility into AP payments process
- Fix to allow FileTypeProcessors to properly connect to SMB destination servers.
- Working version of JPMC Revenue check output file.

4.1.6 - Add SH code filtering and handling to the AP payments process
- Changed name of custom function
- modified getConfig to work when a string is passed instead of a dictionary or object.
4.1.8 - updates to the fix_missing_invoices process.
- Fix BoloRevenueCheck file to properly format withholding tax values
- Fix FileTypeTransmitter to properly connect to SMB shares.

4.1.9 -

4.1.10 - fix for Bolo ACH parser to handle multiple batches per file.
- New tests for JPMC processors.


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