U3Exchange v4.3 Release Notes

updates since 4.2:

 4.3.0 - fix invoice pay cancel process to work with OpenInvoice API
- Fix errors related to moving to Python 3 from Python 2.
- new memorized decorator for speeding up processing of repetitive queries
- new stand-alone manage job for invoice pay cancel
- added optional run_today() util function for processes that should not be run on days when the service
  provider is not open (weekends and holidays)... primarily used for integration with banking systems.
- fix for tracking AFE status and types that are longer than originally expected

4.3.1 - Added automated backup of tracking database to the do_maintenance script.
- Removed the need for defining database credentials in the file.
- Added option to force a processor to run regardless of the output of the "run_today()" function.
- Added more logging.
- Added update command to move old tracking data to new database.

4.3.2 - Fixed the way adp_processor handles queries that return the "complete=False" flag (used when downloading more than 1000 invoices at once).
- Added BoloConnect/Welland queries for AP payment exports.
- Added more logging to base processors and server connectors
- Added ability for processor to handle cases where a source system is not defined.
- continued work on Wells Fargo Payment File processor.

4.3.3 - Added ability for JPMC check files to be split to multiple output files if number of lines exceeds a specific amount.
- Modified handling of CC gl-codes to fix problem with proper CC syncing for BoloConnect clients.
- Fix to invoice pay cancel process and invoice pay status tracking.
- Added prune function to the do_backup routine.
- Added better handling for encoding issues in master data.
- Added ability to skip reprocessing master data exports if they generate specific warning messages from OpenInvoice.
- Wells Fargo AP payment processor functional
- Added code to prune status database backups.
- Modified JPMC file writer to output lines in chunks instead of writing entire file from memory.

4.3.4 - Modification to the way qty1 and qty2 are handled on invoices so negative quantities and quantities of zero will print in the Bolo output.
- Modified WellsFargoCheck to exclude recipient address info for Credit Card payments where client is using PMP service.

4.3.5 - Fixed problem with CC sync for clients using BoloConnect.

4.3.6 - Added CC Sync warning message aggregator to better manage warnings from OI when a sync happens.
- Fixed problem with archive routine for invoice that get rejected (not invalid) by Bolo.
- Fix for Wells Fargo SFTP uploads.
- Fix for Wells Fargo Check void handler.

4.3.7 - Fix for Wells Fargo AP export file generator: no longer generate an empty file if there are no valid records to export, \
    also only checks for the existence of "state" when a payee address has a US country_code.\


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